Thursday, May 5, 2011

Layered vs Big Ball of Mud

Layered arch vs Big Ball Of Mud
§  Separation of concerns -  Each layer encapsulates distinct functions –eg Presentation , Business Logic, Data Access in traditional three-tiered architecture.
§  If multiple presentation technology needs to be supported – say Mobile and Web based views, only the presentation tier is affected
§  If a different kind of data access pattern needs to be supported – say Memcache based caching, only the data tier is affected
§  Allows Reuse – lower layers can be re-used by the layers above it.
§  Testability – Each layer can be tested independently.
§  Maintainable – if view breaks, look in the presentation tier. If data seems wrong, look in the data access tier, if business logic seems wrong, look at the business tier
§  Fosters Developer specialization – UI developers looking at Presentation layer

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